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Virtual Activities and Engagement Opportunities

"Social distancing" means trying to keep others and ourselves safe and well, but it doesn't mean that there aren't things to do and opportunites for everyone to connect. You can continue to participate in or join clubs and other organizations through Engage. You can conduct meetings, or just hang out with friends, using free platforms like Zoom (with available free tutorials), Google Hangouts, and Google Meet (good for student organizations, too). From creating clips on TikTok to having cooking shows with friends on Instagram or YouTube, now is the time to be creative and to to show that Ragin' Cajun spirit and joie de vivre! Please use the hashtag #ulgetinvolved on your social media outlets!

As a reminder, many of the sites listed below are not maintained or specifically endorsed by the University. Please be careful and use your best judgement in what sites you access, as well as the personal information you choose to share.


List of live virtual concerts (updated daily by NPR; all types of music)

Streaming Live Concerts

Entertainment and Creative Arts

Travel and Exploration

Virtual Tours and Museums

National Parks to National Landmarks


Health and Fitness

Animal Webcams

Even More Options!

Digital ‘Harry Potter’ escape room lets you visit Hogwarts from your computer or mobile device!
A list of the 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2018
Have a Netflix Party with friends while watching your favorite shows
A list of 11 Musical TV Shows to binge watch while you’re home
Watch an Opera for free with the Metropolitan Opera
Listen to a live recording from the Seattle Symphony

Social Media Engagement

Our list has only some of the options out there; we would love to hear more from you! Please e-mail us at or and let us know what you've discovered or created on your own! Be sure to follow UL Lafayette's social media for the latest updates and announcements.