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Pathways - FAQs

What is Pathways?

Pathways is UL Lafayette's new platform for students to connect with student organizations they are interested in, keep up-to-date with events around campus, vote in school elections, and as we expand and and more features, you will be able to find community service opportunities, track volunteer hours and involvement in organizations for the creation of a co-curricular transcript, and more. 

How will Pathways be set up?

Community: University of Louisiana at Lafayette - The community provides the foundation for the UL Lafayette private online campus network. Every member of Pathways on our campus is a member of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette community.

Umbrellas: Office of Student Engagement and Leadership - The umbrellas relate to a specific office on campus who manage the portals under their site. Users may be a member of one or more portals under each umbrella.

Organization Portals: Student Organizations (and soon, Residence Halls, and Community Partners)- Students may join one or more portal to stay up to date with their involvement both on-campus and off-campus. Student leaders are often administrators of these portals, allowing students to manage their organizations effectively and efficiently.

Members: You!- Every University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student is registered under the UL Lafayette community. This gives you access to important resources that allow you to discover programs and organizations on campus. Pathways will make it easier for students to engage in campus life and manage their co-curricular involvement.

How do I log in?

You can log in to Pathways with your C-number and password- just like you would log in to your campus email, ULink, etc.


We will have more information and introductory sessons on Pathways very soon. We will be presenting many more options and info, including on the topics of:

  • How do I join an organization I am a member of?

  • I am interested in learning more about one or more organizations. How do I find out about more information?

  • I'm not a member of an organization. How does this benefit me?

  • How can my organization use Engage?


I still have questions. 

We would love to hear them! Please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. You can email us at, call us at 337-482-6272, or stop by our office (Room 169 of the Student Union).