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COVID-19 Response & Updates

The health and safety of our students, employees, and visitors are of the utmost importance to the University. When we return to campus, we will not be returning to the way we used to operate. There will continue to be limitations on gatherings, as well as safety measures in place, to prevent illness.

This requires all of us to think very differently. It is more important than ever that we all continue to make our organizations flourish and succeed. If you would like to talk about your organization and brainstorm ideas to operate virtually or at least partially virtually, email Heidie Lindsey at

All of these points may be updated at any time given the constantly changing situation we face with COVID-19. 

Summer Plans

Because the University is only offering classes remotely this summer, we are not currently approving on campus, face-to-face meetings, events, activities, etc.

Canceled Events

Student Organization Expo

There will be no Student Organization Expo at Orientation this summer. We are planning to offer an alternative experience that will help to showcase our student organizations.  

Beginning June 15th, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership will launch our #ULGETINVOLVED campaign. For eight weeks, we will email all students who have registered for summer orientation on a Monday.  Each week will focus on a different theme related to the various categories of organizations. In that same week, we will host a live info session pertaining to that week's email.

Virtual Activities & Engagement Opportunities

Visit our list of virtual opportunities >

Fall 2020 Events & Activities

We are working on plans for all of our fall events, including the events, meetings, etc., that our organizations typically host. We will receive very specific guidelines for face-to-face gatherings closer to the end of summer.  While we wait for the final guidelines, we are laying out plans for hosting activities in three different situations: fully face-to-face (with social distancing guidelines in place), part face-to-face and part virtual, and then fully virtual if necessary. 

We will continue to update you.

To view our updated Student Organizations Event Policy Addendum (September 30, 2020), please click here.

All student organizations will complete an amended event registration form in Engage. The student submitting the event registration form for approval will electronically sign a statement stating that they agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Limit physical attendance to 50 participants and provide a space large enough to adhere to 6 ft distancing between participants
  • Provide hand washing and hand sanitizing products
  • Require participants to wear masks or face coverings
  • Encourage potential participants or members who are ill or immune-compromised to refrain from attending the event
  • Stagger the arrival and departure times of members and guests
  • Wipe down tables, chairs, door handles, etc. before and after use
  • Provide an alternative for persons who are unable to attend due to personal health and safety risks
  • No common source food or drink is permitted

All fundraisers involving food distributed on campus will not be permitted until further notice; student organization-sponsored "give back nights" are allowed per restaurant guidelines.

Get On Board Day

Get On Board Day will still take place this fall. We are currently researching a virtual platform just in case we can't do this event face-to-face.

Athletics Events

Events associated with Athletics are uncertain until decisions about game day operations are determined, such as tailgating, Freshmen First Down, Red Run, Homecoming, and pep rallies.

Greek Events

Panhellenic Recruitment: 3 rounds will be done virtually. The last round will be done in person, in smaller groups at the Convention Center, with social distancing in place. Register for Panhellenic Recruitment.

IFC Rush: Large presentations for each fraternity will be done virtually, and the last event will be done in person, in smaller groups, with socially distancing in place.

NPHC: Meet the Greeks will be done virtually.

NPHC Greek Show will have limited ticket sales; seats will be socially distanced, and masks will likely be required. IF we can’t hold the event with social distancing, we will hold it virtually or move the Show to the Spring semester.

MGC Recruitment will be held outdoors in smaller groups.

For Student Organization Leaders

Adding Virtual Events to Engage

You can register your virtual events just like you have been registering your face-to-face events during the school year. If your organization wants to have a virtual info session of your own, register your event in Engage. Make it public, and it will then show up on the list of events in the CORQ app. Remember that this app is where anyone can look at UL Lafayette public events. We will also be marketing this app to all incoming students!

Increase Your Organization’s Visibility

There are some things you can do now to increase the visibility of your organization:

  1. Update your Engage page. Do you have photos? Mission statement or purpose? Up to date contact information for interested students? Learn more on how to update your Engage page.
  2. Check your Engage page frequently for pending requests to join.  We are heavily marketing Engage to incoming students.  We tell them that they can message you there and that they can request to join. Check your messages and reply in a timely manner. Learn more about Engage notifications.
  3. If you approve their request to join, you can put them in a different group from fully vetted members if that is important to your organization. Learn more about approving requests.

Cubicle Spaces for Fall

If your organization currently has an assigned cubicle space in the Student Organization Center, you will keep that space until August 1st. More info to follow on what every organization will need to do to apply for space for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Visit the University's COVID-19 response website for more information about how the University is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the health of all students and employees.