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COVID-19 Response & Updates

The health and safety of our students, employees, and visitors are of the utmost importance to the University. As we begin to organize and conduct activities on campus, we will need to operate very differently. There will continue to be limitations on gatherings, as well as safety measures in place, to prevent illness.

This requires all of us to think very differently. It is more important than ever that we all continue to make our organizations flourish and succeed. If you would like to talk about your organization and brainstorm ideas to operate virtually or at least partially virtually, email Heidie Lindsey at

All of these points may be updated at any time given the constantly changing situation we face with COVID-19. 

Event Guidelines (December 2020 to April 28, 2021)

  • Campus organizations are not allowed to sell food or drink in the Student Union.
  • Campus activities cannot be held during dead days and finals week. For further information, contact the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership at 337-482-6272.
  • The use of the University’s name or logo for events must be cleared through the Office of Communications and Marketing in Martin Hall, Room 319, 337-482-6397. Learn more about using the University’s logo here.
  • The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership can assist student organizations with event planning and marketing. Contact 337-482-6272, email at, or visit our office in the Student Union, Room 162 for assistance.
  • If an organization wishes to deviate from the policy, a special request may be made to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership in the Student Union, Room 169, 337-482-6272.
To ensure the health and safety of our students during this pandemic, the following additional measures should be followed for all student organization events (revised December 8, 2020):
  1. All student organization sponsored events** – whether on or off campus - must be registered and approved in Engage prior to promoting the event.
  2. All events must have a designated “Event Host.” This person will be the liaison between the facility management and the student organization. This may be the same person who booked the facility. The Event Host is responsible to ensure that the event capacity restrictions, the Campus Events Framework, applicable Public Health Guidance, and all other University health and safety protocols are adhered to at the event.
  3. All events must have a designated “Crowd Monitor.” There should one Crowd Monitor for every 50 attendees expected. The Crowd Monitor is the individual assigned by the Event Host and is responsible for monitoring social distancing and mask wearing at events and informing the Event Host of any issues that need to be addressed.
  4. Events must be held in facilities large enough to accommodate the number of expected attendees while also social distancing at least 6 ft. apart. Capacity for facilities and maximum crowd sizes will be subject to change based on the University’s mandate at the time.
  5. All attendees of all events on and off campus must wear a mask.
  6. All events, meetings, etc., are required to have one hand sanitizing station per 50 attendees. This can be one gallon of hand sanitizer or several containers equaling a gallon per 50 people.
  7. Organizations are required to record attendance at all of their events, meetings, activities, etc. This can be done easily and quickly with the Event Check In App and feature in Engage. The record of attendance will “live” in your event in Engage and be accessible in the future. Click HERE for easy to follow instructions.
  8. Food provided at events must be provided by an approved caterer who follows Public Health Guidance and Sodexo guidelines in service delivery. Self-serve, “potluck,” or other common food service stations are not permitted.
  9. Tabling – organizations can table for promotional purposes. If information is being offered for a student to physically take, these items must be separated and accessible for a student to only touch the item they are picking up.
  10. Fundraisers – selling food is permitted as long as the event adheres to #8 above. Sale of other non-food items may take place utilizing the same guidelines in #9 -Tabling.  In addition, all sales should be contactless – money is not exchanged. Venmo, CashApp, or other online payment options are to be used.
  11. Indoor, live entertainment is is now permitted. Use of disc jockeys or music played via a speaker system is also allowed.
  12. Student organizations should prepare and offer a virtual version of any required/mandatory meeting or event. A student should not have to attend anything if they are not comfortable due to health and immune system issues. A member should not be fined or penalized in this situation.

**An event could be deemed “sponsored by a student organization” if any one or all of the following factors apply to the event:

  •     The event is advertised, promoted, or talked about as being an “insert student org name” event.
  •     Officer(s) of the organization are present.
  •     10 or more members are present
  •     An officer instructed members to be present

Facility Policies

All student organizations must follow the established University regulations regarding the use of University property and facilities for events. View the regulations in the Academic Facilities Use form for UL Lafayette Departments.

Student organizations are responsible for knowing and understanding facility guidelines.

Events held in the Student Union may not be advertised outside of the University without the written approval of the Student Union Director in the Student Union, Room 101. This includes, but is not limited to, posters, newspaper, radio, television, and public service announcements. Organizations must take steps to insure that performers, etc., comply with this advertising regulation.

Amplification is not allowed for student activities on campus during class hours. This includes the Quad. Amplification on the Student Union porch is allowed during specified hours, set by the Student Union.

Athletics Events

Events associated with Athletics are uncertain until decisions about game day operations are determined, such as tailgating, Freshmen First Down, Red Run, Homecoming, and pep rallies.

Greek Events

Panhellenic Recruitment: 3 rounds will be done virtually. The last round will be done in person, in smaller groups at the Convention Center, with social distancing in place. Register for Panhellenic Recruitment.

IFC Rush: Large presentations for each fraternity will be done virtually, and the last event will be done in person, in smaller groups, with socially distancing in place.

NPHC: Meet the Greeks will be done virtually.

NPHC Greek Show will have limited ticket sales; seats will be socially distanced, and masks will likely be required. IF we can’t hold the event with social distancing, we will hold it virtually or move the Show to the Spring semester.

MGC Recruitment will be held outdoors in smaller groups.

For Student Organization Leaders

Adding Virtual Events to Engage

You can register your virtual events just like you have been registering your face-to-face events during the school year. If your organization wants to have a virtual info session of your own, register your event in Engage. Make it public, and it will then show up on the list of events in the CORQ app. Remember that this app is where anyone can look at UL Lafayette public events. We will also be marketing this app to all incoming students!

Increase Your Organization’s Visibility

There are some things you can do now to increase the visibility of your organization:

  1. Update your Engage page. Do you have photos? Mission statement or purpose? Up to date contact information for interested students? Learn more on how to update your Engage page.
  2. Check your Engage page frequently for pending requests to join.  We are heavily marketing Engage to incoming students.  We tell them that they can message you there and that they can request to join. Check your messages and reply in a timely manner. Learn more about Engage notifications.
  3. If you approve their request to join, you can put them in a different group from fully vetted members if that is important to your organization. Learn more about approving requests.

Cubicle Spaces for Fall

If your organization currently has an assigned cubicle space in the Student Organization Center, you will keep that space until August 1st. More info to follow on what every organization will need to do to apply for space for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Visit the University's COVID-19 response website for more information about how the University is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the health of all students and employees.