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Finding Your Student Organization

Getting involved starts here!

Becoming part of a student organization is a personal decision, and each decision is really about opportunity. UL Lafayette has well over 200 student organizations that you can become part of, contribute to, and explore! The abundant platforms of experiences are there to help you grow and develop, to be empowered, to be a stronger and positive contributor to our local and global communities.

Find and Explore Your Passions

With myriad groups available, you can explore new ideas, delve deeper into passions you already have, even create opportunities for others to do the same.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Being part of a student organization can give you opportunites to work on relationship building, project management, conflict resolution, budget development and management, teamwork, and more!

Building Lasting and Significant Relationships

Through getting involved in different organizations and clubs, you can meet other students with similar interests and create memories and relationships that last a lifetime.

Professional Development and Experiences

Within your organization, you can meet guest speakers and create opportunities to interact with field-related professionals, participate in relevant workshops, and create networks that can benefit you and our communities.

Connect with Faculty and Staff

Most RSOs are advised by a faculty or staff member.  Getting involved with one of our organizations can provide an opportunity to interact with people who are experts in their professions, and you also gain the chance to see your professors and staff outside of class, broadening your relationships and communication skills.

To learn more, log in to our Pathways website using your ULID and password to see additional information about each organization!

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