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Student Organization Cubicle Space

Policies and Procedures for Renting Student Organization Cubicle Space

Housed in the Student Union, room 163, are approximately 20 cubicle spaces which are available for rent to active, registered student organizations. Organizations apply every year to rent for the entire academic year. These spaces are not be available for only a semester at a time. The rental fee is $40, payable ONLY when your application has been approved. The assigned cubicle space will allow organizations the opportunity to have one central location which serves as a base for organizations to conduct business, store materials, prepare for meetings or events, etc., all while being able to utilize the knowledgeable staff and resources of the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership.

In order to apply for cubicle space, organizations must do the following:

  • Be an active, properly registered student organization.
  • Fill out the "Cubicle Space Rental Agreement" on OrgSync. This application is only open when application are being accepted (late Spring).
  • If accepted, turn in a check or money order for $40 within 10 business days of notification.

Timeframe for Applying and Assigning:

  • Cubicles will be assigned for one academic year, beginning in the late Spring until the following Spring.
  • Current cubicle holders, as well as other organizations desiring to rent a space, will apply in March/April of each year for the following academic year. All fees must be paid upon approval.
  • If a current space holder is not granted space for the following year, all items must be removed from the space no later the first dead day of the Spring semester. Any items left will be stored for a maximum of one week and will then be discarded. This also applies to turning in the desk keys. If desk keys are not turned in by the day above, a hold will be placed on the student's account who was assigned the keys and the student may be referred to the Conduct office. A rekey fee of $25 per key will be assessed.
  • If the space is left with any damage that is deemed to be the responsibility of the organization, a bill for repair will be issued to the organization. If not reconciled promptly, the organization will remain inactive and the officers will be referred to the Conduct office.

Cubicle Guidelines:

  • You may decorate and/or post items within your cubicle space. You must only use fasteners (push pins, very small tipped pins) that will not cause damage to the cubicle fabric walls or the desk and drawer areas.
  • You may post information about contacting the organization, about upcoming meetings or events, messages for other members, etc. Do not post items of any kind that are degrading to any other organization or individual.  This will not be tolerated and any group who does not follow this rule will lose their cubicle space immediately and will be referred to the Conduct Office.
  • The cubicle is not intended to be used for large group meetings. If you need space for a meeting of more than two or three individuals, you can reserve the Student Organization Conference Room by calling 482-6272 or by emailing You can also book meeting rooms in the Union through EMS.
  • Organizations with cubicle space will be granted access to the area after regular business hours while the Union remains open to the public. (Check Union operating hours) Access will be granted to the President of the organization and one other designated individual. Forms for access may be obtained from the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership.
  • If the organization changes officers (and thus need to change who is issued the cubicle key and who has card access), an Officer Change Form must be submitted at The outgoing key holder must return the cubicle key to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership and then the new key holder will have to sign for and be issued the key. The new president and designee will have to submit a request for card access to