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Organization Event Management

Registering an Event

All student organization events held on campus must be registered with the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership via OrgSync two weeks prior to the event. To register an event with the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership, reference the How to Register an Event page.

Event Guidelines

  • Campus organizations are not allowed to sell food or drink in the Student Union.
  • Campus activities cannot be held during dead days and finals week. For further information, contact the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership at 337-482-6272.
  • The use of the University’s name or logo for events must be cleared through the Office of Communications and Marketing in Martin Hall, Room 319, 337-482-6397. Learn more about using the University’s logo.
  • The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership may assist student organizations with event planning and marketing. Contact 337-482-6272,, or visit the office in the Student Union, Room 162 for assistance.
  • If an organization wishes to deviate from the policy, a special request may be made to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership in the Student Union, Room 169, 337-482-6272.

Facility Policies

All student organizations must follow the established University regulations regarding the use of University property and facilities for events. View the regulations in the Academic Facilities Use form for UL Lafayette Departments.

Student organizations are responsible for knowing and understanding facility guidelines.

Events held in the Student Union may not be advertised outside of the University without the written approval of the Student Union Director in the Student Union, Room 101. This includes, but is not limited to, posters, newspaper, radio, television, and public service announcements. Organizations must take steps to insure that performers, etc., comply with this advertising regulation.

Amplification is not allowed for student activities on campus during class hours. This includes the Quad. Amplification on the Student Union porch is allowed during specified hours, set by the Student Union.

Event Sponsorship

Any fundraising activity that involves seeking contributions from businesses or the Lafayette community must be cleared by the Office of Development in the Alumni Center, 337-482-0922.

Organizations may not accept any monies including sponsorships, endorsements, etc. from the tobacco industry, credit card companies, or political candidates.

Special Events 


Campus organizations that are officially chartered by the University can conduct up to four (4) fundraising drives per year. This includes activities held on or off campus.

Can shakes, bake sales, and car washes are not counted toward the four permitted drives. Participation by a campus organization in an event sponsored by a community nonprofit or service organization is not considered a fundraising drive and should not be included in the four drives.


Complete an Event Request 

Complete an OrgSync Event Request if the raffle will be conducted on campus. This must happen before any activity associated with the raffle is initiated.   

Apply for a limited license 

The sponsoring organization must apply for a limited license to conduct charitable gaming at least six weeks before the date ticket sales begin. Visit the Louisiana Office of Charitable Gaming Control of the State Department of Public Safety and Corrections for more information. Contact the charitable gaming office at 225-925-1835 or toll free at 800-562-9235.

Ticket sales may not begin until the limited license is granted by the Division of Charitable Control.   

Obtain prizes
  • All prizes must be purchased or donated before any chances are sold.
  • The total value of all prizes may not exceed $2,000.
Sell Tickets 
  • Tickets may not be sold for less than $1 each.   
  • The value of the total number of tickets sold may not exceed $3,000.   
  • The sponsoring organization may conduct a raffle (or any other game of chance) no more than twice a year. Total gross sales for all raffles conducted during the school year may not exceed $5,000.
Maintain Raffle Records 

The sponsoring organization must maintain records showing:

  • gross revenue from the raffle,
  • detailed expenses of conducting the raffle,
  • detailed report of how the net proceeds from the raffle were spent, and
  • a list of winners.

These records must be kept for at least three years from the date of the raffle.

Voter Registration Drives

The University encourages all students to register to vote. Student Organizations may hold voter registration drives. These drives must be booked through the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. You may register to vote online.

Blood Drives 

  • Blood drives may be scheduled up to one calendar year in advance.
  • Only two blood drives may be scheduled per semester with an 8-week period between each (subject to facility availability and approval).   
  • Blood drives must be coordinated and sponsored by a recognized campus organization. All inquiries related to the blood drive must be initiated by the sponsoring organization to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership. The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership will coordinate the drive with related blood drive organizations.   
  • Blood drives shall be scheduled in accordance with established procedures governing student activities.

Credit Card Drives

Credit card fundraisers are not allowed for any UL Lafayette student organization. Credit card solicitation/advertisement is prohibited on campus.

Speaker Events 

As an institution of higher learning, UL Lafayette is dedicated to providing an opportunity for its members to encounter a range of ideas and differing views on issues of great importance. It is the process of examining these views and selecting among them that is the foundation for learning and, in a democracy, an essential starting point in the search for one’s own system of values. For this reason, it is essential that the University protect the right of recognized organizations to invite speakers and the right of those interested in the speaker’s views, whether in agreement or disagreement, to hear them expressed.

Speakers must be sponsored by a recognized University organization or department in order to use University facilities.

Political Events, Candidates for Public Office 

Only recognized student organizations may request a table in the Union or other approved location on campus for the purpose of sponsoring a political candidate as a speaker.

  • Political signs are not allowed on campus.
  • Signs announcing events or programs must indicate the student group sponsoring the event or program.
  • A representative of the student organization must stay with the political candidate at all times while on campus.