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Organization Technology

Creating an Organization Web Page

Organizations may create their own web page through the University. A Web ambassador must be established to communicate with the University's Web Team. The role of the Web ambassador is to present the needs of the organization, seek technical advice as needed, and maintain the Web pages and related files of the department or organization.

The role of the University Web Team is to steward the interest of the University, provide information relevant to Web publishing, and espouse efficient use of Web resources.

If you would like to contact the Communications and Marketing office about your website, we welcome your questions via phone (337) 482-6397 or email If an organization establishes a website off of the University Web environment, please notify the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership of the URL address so they may link the page to the Student Engagement & Leadership site.

Organization Email Addressees

The organization president or designated officer may create an alias to their UL email. For example the University Program Council may create as an alias for the president of UPC. When a new president is elected the alias is changed to the new person. Below is the link to the alias page on the UL web site.