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Organization Accounts and Funds

Organization Banking Policies

  • The organization/group must have elected officers (i.e. President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.) who are solely responsible for the receipt, deposit, and expenditure of those funds.
  • According to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Opinion 94-167, in order for the University to not be liable or responsible for funds generated by the student organization, the faculty / staff advisor (or any University employee) must not exercise control over the funds of the student organization.
  • The faculty/staff advisor is strictly prohibited from depositing any funds and signing any checks for or on behalf of the student organization (applies to off campus accounts and agency fund accounts).
  • The organization/group is required to have at least two individuals listed on the account. These individuals will have access to the account to make deposits, withdraw funds, or make changes to the account.
  • Student organizations are not eligible to use the UL Lafayette Tax ID number.  Your organization can, however, apply for your own EIN number.
  • You are not required by the University to use any specific financial institution.

Organizations Fund Request

Conference Funding Request

  • It is important to begin this process at least one month prior to the event.
  • Obtain a Compliance Form from the SGA office on the first floor of the Student Union during regular office hours.
  • Describe the costs and purpose of the event.

As a BASIC guideline, here are some funding rules (please refer to the SGA Bylaws for additional information):  

  1. Registration-$200 TOTAL (NOT per person)   
  2. Hotel-$50 per room per night based on QUAD occupancy   
  3. Travel-$0.15 per mile roundtrip for 1 vehicle ONLY   
  4. Airfare – Up to $300 for individuals traveling to present papers, posters, research at conferences or conventions in accordance with the By-Laws.

*Please note: Meals will not be funded. EXACT figures should be obtained from hotels, event organizers, etc. and stated as such on this form. Estimates should not be included.

  • Once the form is filled out, contact an SGA senator to write up an appropriation (request for money). The senator will need the compliance form to write the appropriation. If the organization resides under an academic College contact your College senator.
  • The organization representative will attend an Appropriations Committee and SGA meeting where the organization representative will explain details of money requested.
  • If funding is granted, the organization will receive a check in 3 to 4 weeks from SGA.
  • The organization will need to keep all receipts for the amount spent. All receipts must be turned into the SGA officer no later than two weeks after the event. If receipts are not turned in then the organization may be placed on probation.

Speaker Funding Request (Lyceum)

Lyceum funds are used to offset the funding of academic speakers. A representative from the sponsoring University department must be present at the Lyceum Committee meeting to present the proposal and answer any questions.

  1. Speakers should be brought from different colleges and represent a variety of subject areas.
  2. The committee will entertain requests up to $1000.00 for any speaker.
  3. The committee cannot provide multiple or double funding and will not hear requests after the program has taken place.
  4. Lyceum funds may be used for transportation for a speaker (which will occasionally include lodging) and honorarium expenses of the proposed speaker. Food and drinks are not included.
  5. A Lyceum request form must be submitted from the requesting department at least one (1) week prior to a committee meeting.
  6. A social security number or passport number must be included on the processing of Lyceum checks.
  7. Proper notification must be included in all advertisement for the program recognizing sponsorship by the Student Government Association, Lyceum Committee, or Lyceum Logo. This includes fliers, newspaper advertisements, newsletters, and all other forms of advertisement.
  8. A written evaluation for each program must be submitted to the SGA Treasurer within two (2) weeks after the presentation of speakers. The evaluation should include: an itemized listing of actual expense, attendance information and an evaluation by the sponsoring department.
  9. A respresentative of the organization must be present to represent the proposal.
  10. The representative will be informed of the meeting at least three (3) days in advance of the meeting.
  11. It will be 2 or 3 weeks before the speaker receives the check. The check will be printed in the name of the speaker.

Funding Request for Banquets or Social Activities

The Student Government Association funds registered campus organizations (RSOs) in strict accordance with the SGA Bylaws. Requests must be filed in the SGA office no later than one week before the event. Any requests not received at least one week prior to the event will not receive funding. As a BASIC guideline, here are some funding rules (please refer to the SGA Bylaws for additional information):

  • EXACT figures should be obtained from banquet halls, award shops, caterers, etc and stated as such on this form. Estimates should not be included.
  • Receipts incurred through the event accounting for expenses allowed by SGA must be turned in to the SGA office, Coronna Hall, Room 218, within the two weeks following the event.
  • Organizations that do not follow the requirements stated in the SGA Bylaws will be placed on a probationary period of two semesters, not including summer semesters. During this time, they will not be able to receive any SGA funding.