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Conduct and Campus Policies for Student Organizations

Conduct of Student Organizations

A student organization is defined as any group of University of Louisiana at Lafayette students and its members who have been officially approved and recognized by the University.

All student organizations must abide by the policies and procedures as outlined by the University Organizations Committee. Student organizations found in violation of the code of students conduct are subject to sanctions that would be applicable as outlined in section 14 of the code of student conduct. Student organizations and their individual members are responsible for knowing and abiding by all university regulations as included in, but not limited to: Code of Student Conduct and Appeal Procedures, Student Handbook, University Catalog, special rules designed by governing groups (example: IFC, NPHC, Panhellenic, SGA, Union Program Council, etc.), and the University Anit-Hazing Policy. In addition, student organizations and their individual members are held responsible for knowing and abiding by all local, state and federal laws.

Student organizations are held accountable for any actions or activities that result in harm or could constitute a hazard to emotional or physical health or safety of members or prospective members of the organization or any other person.

The fact that a student organization is held responsible for actions and activities does not eliminate the individual student’s accountability under the provision of the Code of Student Conduct and Appeal Procedures.

The fact that individual students are held accountable for actions taken while participating in an organization’s activity while representing the organization does not eliminate the accountability of the organization for its actions.

Violation of any stated university policy may result in disciplinary action taken against the organization as outlined in previous sections of the Code of Student Conduct and Appeal Procedures, and/or may result in action taken by the University Organizations Committee.

Student organizations may be held responsible for the acts of individual members.

Policies for Active Organizations to Follow

  • Re-certify annually by attending mandatory September meeting for presidents and advisors. This meeting will specify needs for recertification.
  • Sign Alcohol Beverage Policy and Anti Hazing Policy during recertification process.
  • If an organization chooses to use a financial institution, the account name should not include UL Lafayette.
  • An organization may choose to use the University’s Business Office to handle its finances.
  • Maintain a sound fiscal condition. Advisors are responsible for monitoring such matters and are expected to report persisting improper activities to appropriate university official(s). Organizations are subject to audit.
  • Conduct fund raising activities in accordance with University policy.
  • Conduct affairs in accordance with the policies stated in the Code of Student Conduct, the University Catalog, and the Student Handbook.
  • All organizations must be in compliance with the University Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Anti Hazing Policy.
  • No meetings, fundraisers, special events, etc., may be held during Dead Days through the end of finals.

Maintaining Recognition       

  • All organizations are urged to send their members to either a local, regional or national leadership conference annually.       
  • Each year thereafter all communication comes from the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership.      
  • Organization must re-certify annually. Details on Certification tab.       
  • Organization must complete alcohol and hazing forms.
  • Organization must attend a presidents & advisors meeting annually.

Procedures for Reactivation of Organizations

The term reactivation is defined as: an organization which fails to re-certify in accordance with the recertification process for a period of two years must reactivate. Procedures for reactivating shall be the same procedure followed by a new organization seeking a charter.

Changing the Name of an Organization

Submit a letter requesting the change and a new constitution to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership. Email to the letter and organization constitution with the name changes included. Please email constitution in Microsoft Word format.