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Award Descriptions

Student Organization Division

Membership Development Award

This award recognizes a student-driven membership development program that has been held in the past academic year. Awarded to the organization with the most outstanding membership development program.

Outstanding Academic/Educational Program

Awarded to an organization with a program focused on a specific discipline or topic to further knowledge in that area and encouraged dialogue and learning among attendees.

Outstanding Diversity/Multicultural Program

This award recognizes a student-driven diversity/multicultural program. The program was dedicated to building positive interaction amongst cultures; promoted awareness of cultures and global issues through student engagement; and provided opportunities for students to learn about the importance of diversity and multiculturalism.

Outstanding Philanthropic Program

The program should exemplify the dedication and financial contributions directed towards the welfare of those in need.  Focus is on a program that contributed dollars to an agency. The primary producers of the program were students. 

Outstanding Service/Volunteer Program

The program will have demonstrated the commitment of the organization to community service. Primary focus is on service hours not monetary donations. Applications should be support by the agency being benefited.

Marketing/Recruitment Award

This award recognizes an organization that used print, website, and social media to promote the organization and its events.

New Student Organization Award

Will be awarded to a new student organization that has made strides in recruiting, retention, and completing organization goals. Organizations in this category will be no older than 18 months.

Student Organization Award

The University Student Organization Committee will select organization of the year from each category based on applications submitted.

Four Categories:

  • University Funded Organization & Greek Organizations
  • Non-University Funded Organization
    • Small Organization (50 or less members)
    • Medium Organization (51-75 members)
    • Large Organization (76+ members)

Outstanding Organization Advisor (Faculty/Staff)

Awarded to an organization advisor that creates a supportive environment for the leaders they work with. The recipient is an example of how an advisor is instrumental in helping members grow, learn, develop, and mature.

Individual Division

Students may themselves apply (except for Unsung Hero). Applications will be judged on the characteristics of a well rounded leader. Students must upload organization involvement checklist with individual application. Use characteristics of a well rounded leader to fill out checklist.

Definition of Student Leader: A student who is focused on achieving personal goals as well as organizational goals.  An individual who works with the members of the organization to make it the best working organization that it can be.

Characteristics of a Well Rounded Leader:
1. Involved in organizations
2. Involved in community service and/or philanthropic work
3. Achieves success in academic work
4. Involved on campus in areas that are not student organizations (examples include but not limited to: attend events, intramural athletics, work on campus, tutoring)
5. Promotes the University (examples include but not limited to: attending conference, attend out of town athletic events, published work, projects in major)

Outstanding Freshman Award

Outstanding Sophomore Award

Outstanding Junior Award

Outstanding Senior Award

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Dean Mary Olive McPhaul Award

The Dean Mary Olive McPhaul Award recognizes a faculty or staff member who goes above and beyond to help students. Applicants for this award must have been employed full-time with UL at some point during the past academic year. Applicants should be individuals who have displayed a significant history of service to UL and have demonstrated a passion for working with students that is extraordinary.

President's Leadership Award - Given by Dr. Savoie

This award acknowledges the contributions made by students who play a significant role in improving and developing the intellectual, social, cultural, and/or athletic fabric of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette community. Awardees exemplify academic performance, extra-curricular achievement, and service to the University. The award will be presented by the University President on the basis of how the applicants' achievements have contributed to the betterment of the University community. The Selection Committee may present more than one award.


Winners for all awards, except President's Leadership award, are chosen by the University Student Organization Committee.

NOTE: The Student Organization Committee has the right to not choose a winner if the applicants that have applied are not qualified.