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Appearance Requests

Thank you for your support of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Spirit Squads.  The Ragin' Cajun Cheerleaders and the Ragin' Jazz Dance team are spirited & energetic ambassadors for our University.  They make many appearances throughout the year at not only University-related events but also at community, business and charity events. 

The following information will assist you in making an appearance request for the Ragin' Cajun Spirit Squads.  Each request will be considered and confirmed based on availability and department policies.  Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance.

  • Request must be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to event.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days to receive a response to your request
  • The month of May is a transitional period for our squads, therefore requests for this month are generally not accepted.
  • Summer months are harder to fulfill requests, but will be considered.
  • The spirit squads will be cheering on our Ragin' Cajuns at many of our sporting events, including home & away football, men's & women's basketball and volleyball and will be unable to fulfill other appearances during these times.
  • Please understand that Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns sporting events, tournaments and games take priority and therefore in rare cases, confirmed appearance requests may be cancelled.  You will be notified immediately as soon as we are aware of the change.