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Officer Change Form

If you are making changes to your officers, please make sure that your organization's OrgSync profile is up to date. If you need a letter from us, EMS access, or something else where we need to verify officers, we will refer to whatever is listed on the OrgSync profile. 

To update your OrgSync profile, you must be an administrator for your organization. If you are not an administrator, but you should be, please contact your current administrator and make the switch! 


To become an administrator:

  1. An administrator must log in to OrgSync and navigate to your organization's profile.
    1. If you don't know who your administrators are, log in to OrgSync and navigate to your organization using "My Memberships" in the top right corner.
    2. Select the "People" tab. 
    3. Click the Up/Down Arrows next to "All People" on the left of the Screen and click "Administrators" to see your Admins. 
  2. The current admin will click the "People" tab. 
  3. Search for your new admin in the search bar under "All People".
  4. Click their name. You will see their information under "Basic Details", along with the groups they are part of within your organization. 
  5. Click "Manage" and select "Administrators". Confirm that you want to give administrative privileges to this person.
    1. If your new administrator has not yet been added to your OrgSync portal, you can still make them an administrator!
    2. Hover over "Settings" in the top right corner and select "Send Invitations to Join".
    3. Enter the full UNIVERSITY CLID email address of the new administrator(s).
    4. Select "Administrators" under "Invitee Group" at the bottom and submit.
    5. When the new admin logs in, they will be an administrator.

To update your officer listings on your OrgSync profile:

  1. Log in to OrgSync and navigate to the organization you are updating. (You can click "My Memberships" in the top right corner to get there easily.)
  2. Just below the cover photo, you should see "Settings" next to the wrench graphic. Hover over "Settings" and select "Organization Settings". 
  3. Click the green button that says "Update Profile".
  4. Your Organization Profile will be auto populated with the information that was filled out the last time this form was saved. You can change anything you need to while you're here. Click the green button that says "Continue" until you reach your "Officer Information Page". 
  5. Update your Officer Information as needed. Please note that the President and Advisor name and email address will be public. [For bank letters, the office requires the CLID of the President and Treasurer.] And click "Continue" at the bottom.
  6. **IMPORTANT NOTE** The Profile is not updated until you press "Finish" at the end of the form! You must go all the way through. 


EMS Access is specifically to reserve space that the Student Union controls, which include the Union building, the courtyard area, and Boucher Street. To get access for your organization:

  1. Make sure your OrgSync profile is up to date. Your President automatically has the right to have EMS access. Your organization can select one other person who is not the President to have EMS access. This person is listed as the EMS Requestor on OrgSync. 
  2. Once that information is correct, have the person(s) who need access create an account on EMS. Make sure to include your full name, phone number, and the organization you are requesting access for.
    1. If you already have an account, and just need access for a new organization, send an email to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership
  3. Submit! Your request will be processed by the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership within two business days.